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How It Works?

Video KYC verifies the identity of the end user through real-time video call interviews with a KYC expert, removing any language and communication barrier and giving real-time instruction to the user to ensure a successful verification. You have complete flexibility to choose between utilizing our seasoned KYC experts, who boast a decade of global experience, or employing your own experts for the Video KYC process.

The Video KYC process works in the following way:

  1. Merchants can leverage either their own KYC experts or Shufti Pro's KYC agents for end-user verification.
  2. Users start the video KYC verification process through a straightforward interface, triggering the verification workflow.
  3. KYC agents join video calls to clearly outline and guide users through each verification step.
  4. KYC experts confirm the user's live presence and secure consent, ensuring both authenticity and compliance.
  5. Depending on the verification service requested, KYC agents help users provide the necessary data smoothly and efficiently.
  6. Collected data is meticulously verified using Shufti Pro's advanced services, guaranteeing integrity and security.



Video KYC enables users to complete verifications with live agent guidance, covering a wide range of services including

  1. Face Service
  2. Document Service
  3. Address Service
  4. Background Checks Service
  5. Consent Service
  6. Phone Multi-Factor Authentication

We can also check the authenticity of customised documents like official IDs and perform background checks for AML compliance. A mix of various service modules can also be acquired to perform multifaceted verifications like facial and document verification can help you perform a thorough KYC procedure.