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Shufti Pro's REST API offers a developer-friendly solution for seamlessly integrating Identity, Business, and Transaction Verification/Monitoring services into web or mobile applications. This API ensures secure access through Basic Authentication and Access Token-based Authentication. Developers can streamline their integration process using a single API endpoint, accessible via a single URL, simplifying the connection to all verification services. Shufti Pro provides extensive documentation that covers parameters, supported countries, languages, compatible browsers, devices, and jurisdiction codes, making integration hassle-free. Moreover, the API includes Test IDs, assisting developers in conducting thorough testing during integration to guarantee smooth functionality before deploying the services. Before getting started, make sure you have the following:

  1. Setup Shufti Pro Account: This is a client account to access the Shufti Pro’s REST API and back-office. To set up your Shufti Pro account, click here.

  2. API Keys: Shufti Pro API uses API keys to authenticate requests. You can view your API keys in the settings of your back office. To get your API keys, click here.

  3. Get Authorized: Shufti Pro API uses API keys to authenticate requests. You can view and manage your API keys in your Shufti Pro back office. API authorization is performed via HTTP Basic Auth & Access Token. The verification request will fail without authorization.


Basic Auth

Shufti Pro provides Authorization to clients through the Basic Auth header. Your Client ID will serve as your Username while the Secret Key will serve as your Password. The API will require this header for every request.

usernameYesEnter Client ID as username.
passwordYesEnter your Secret Key as password.

To obtain the client_id and secret_key, please navigate to the settings page in your backoffice.



If you misplace the secret key, it is necessary to generate a new key from the back office. Ensure that you save the secret key when generating a new one. The generated key will not be displayed in the back office.

//POST / HTTP/1.1 basic auth
//Content-Type: application/json
//Authorization: Basic NmI4NmIyNzNmZjM0ZmNlMTlkNmI4WJRTUxINTJHUw==
"reference" : "1234567",
"callback_url" : "",
"email" : "[email protected]",
"country" : "GB",
"language" : "EN",
"verification_mode" : "any",
"face" : {
"proof" : ""

Access Token

Shufti Pro provides Bearer Access Token Authorization method. Clients can generate temporary access token using new access token endpoint. The shared token will be used to authorize API requests.


The token shared with the client will be valid for 1 hour and can be used once only.

AuthorizationYesEnter your authorization token.


Shufti Pro uses following BASE URL for every request: