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Our state-of-the-art, AI-powered identity verification works with any system, anywhere in the world to solve your KYC, KYB and AML challenges.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Shufti Pro's real-time Identity Verification services enable fast-track customer onboarding by providing an efficient way for customers to verify the identities of their end users.

Video KYC

With Shufti Pro's customer verification process, end users can verify their identities by meeting with an agent on a video call, providing a streamlined and frictionless experience.

Biometric Authentication

Shufti Pro's globally compliant Biometric SDK/API enables businesses to meet stringent identity verification requirements by authenticating users with Facial Authentication.


Shufti Pro's eKYC services verify identities electronically, reducing paperwork and improving customer experience. It's widely used to comply with regulations.

Know Your Business (KYB)

Shufti Pro provides instant creditor and partner information to develop trustworthy business relationships through in-depth prospect screening for global associates.

AML / Background Checks

Shufti Pro's AML solution identifies vendors, traders, or suppliers with PEPs, Sanctions, media monitoring, and API. It eliminates real-time financial crime risk with dynamic screening.

Risk Assessment

Shufti Pro uses tailored questionnaires and fraud data points to assess customer risk and build trust. Merchants can create custom questionnaires to calculate user risk.

OCR for Business

Shufti Pro's AI-powered OCR technology extracts relevant information from documents in real-time with up to 95% accuracy, helping businesses save operational costs.


Shufti Pro's customizable questionnaire service allows clients to gather additional customer information, with the flexibility to use it with or without the KYC service.


Shufti Pro offers a range of solutions to improve the accuracy and dependability of identity verification services, including Web APIs, HVPs, on-premises solutions, and mobile SDKs.


Our API allows clients to use HTTP methods to interact with servers, which provides a lightweight and efficient way to exchange data between systems. You can utilize our API to verify your end users.

Hosted Verification Page (HVP)

The HVP tailored to meet the specific requirements of customers and can be accessed through a URL by end users without requiring any integration for a better end-user experience.


By deploying an in-house identity verification solution, you can obtain full control over your customers' data without the need to send any information to a third party.

Mobile SDKs

The ID verification function is integrated into a mobile SDK within a purpose-built app for quick and easy identity verification by end-users on smartphones and tablets.