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Flutter Plugin (Enhanced Version)


This documentation is for the Enhanced Version, encompassing expanded capabilities and advancements. We strongly recommend testing this version before using it in a production environment.

Getting Started

Latest release: SDK Version


  1. iOS 13.0 and higher Or API level 23 (Android 6.0) or higher
  2. Internet connection
  3. Camera


Integration Sample (Dart): Shufti Pro Flutter-SDK


SDK Integration Guide


It’s always recommended to use the updated version

Step 1: Run this command: dart pub add shuftipro_onsite_sdk with dart or flutter pub add shuftipro_onsite_sdk with flutter
Add dependency in pubspec.yaml as

shuftipro_onsite_sdk: ^1.0.2

Step 2: Go to project > android > build.gradle file and add the following

allprojects {
repositories {
maven { url '' } // add this line

Step 3: Go to project > android > app > build.gradle file and add the following

android {
//Rest of your code
dataBinding {
enabled = true

Step 4: import 'package:shuftipro_onsite_sdk/shuftipro_onsite_sdk.dart' in your class to send the request to ShuftiPro's SDK.

Step 5: For iOS, navigate to the iOS folder and run the commands pod install and pod update to fetch the latest dependencies.

Basic Usage


Make sure you have obtained authorization credentials before proceeding. You can get client id or secret key and generate access token like this.


The following code snippet shows how to use the access token in auth object.

Access Token

Make auth object using access token

Map<String,Object> authObject = {
"auth_type": "access_token",
"access_token": accessToken,


The Shufti Pro’s mobile SDKs can be configured on the basis of parameters provided in the config object. The details of parameters can be found here.

Map<String,Object> configObject = {
"base_url": "",
"consent_age": 16,

Request Object

This object contains the service objects and their settings through which the merchant wants to verify end users. Complete details of service objects and their parameters can be found here.

Map<String, Object> createdPayload = {
"country": "",
"reference": "12345678",
"language": "",
"email": "",
"verification_mode": "image_only",
"show_results": 1,
"face": {},
"document": {
"supported_types": [
/* Keep name, dob, document_number, expiry_date, issue_date empty for with-OCR request*/

"name": {
"first_name": "John",
"last_name": "Johsan",
"middle_name": "Livone",
"dob": "",
"document_number": "19901112",
"expiry_date": "1996-11-12",
"issue_date": "1990-11-12",
"gender": "M",
"backside_proof_required": "1",

//Creating Document Two Object is exactly the same as document object.

"address": {
"full_address": "ST#2, 937-B, los angeles.",
"name": {
"first_name": "Johon",
"last_name": "Johsan",
"middle_name": "Livone",
"supported_types": ["id_card", "utility_bill", "bank_statement", "passport", "driving_license"],
/* Keep name and full_address empty for with-OCR request */

"consent": {
"supported_types": ["printed", "handwritten"],
"text": "My name is John Doe and I authorise this transaction of \$100/-",


Shufti Pro's mobile SDK can be initialized by using the following method and passing auth, config and request objects as the parameters.

ShuftiproSdk.sendRequest(authObject, createdPayload, configObject);


The SDK receives callback events as result, whether the verification journey is completed or left mid-way. The call back is received in following function

var response = await ShuftiproSdk.sendRequest(authObject, createdPayload, configObject);

The complete list of callback events can be found here.


ShuftiPro supports a set of customisation options that will influence the appearance of the mobile SDK.

UI Customisation

To customise the color scheme of the entire ShuftiPro mobile SDK, as well as the text and background colors of the widgets, you can utilize the following keys within the config object.

Map<String,Object> configObject = {
"base_url": "",
"button_text_color": "#XXXXXX",
"button_primary_color": "#XXXXXX",
"button_secondary_color": "#XXXXXX",
"heading_color": "#XXXXXX",
"sub_heading_color": "#XXXXXX",
"theme_color": "#XXXXXX",
"icon_color": "#XXXXXX",
"background_color": "#XXXXXX",
"stroke_color": "#XXXXXX",
"shuftipro_light_icon": false


Shufti Pro offers users the capability to customise the SDK text according to their preferred language. Merchants can modify the SDK language by specifying the language code in the country parameter within the main request object, such as "language": "en"

Revision History

DateSDK VersionsDescription
Jul 03, 20241.0.2Update the Android & iOS SDK Versions with support of Simulator.
Mar 21, 20241.0.1Update the Android & iOS SDK Versions.
Dec 12, 20231.0.0Onsite SDK now offers an enhanced user interface along with improved features for localization, OCR Form, and a Retry Option.