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The Shufti Pro SDK will send a callback response to your application when the user completes the verification process and the control shifts to your user application. This callback response includes a JSON object containing the complete verification details, as well as an event that indicates the status of the request (e.g., accepted, declined, or other status).

Response Events

Events are sent in responses that show the status of the request. These events are sent in callbacks for both onsite and offsite verifications.

Following is the list of callbacks we receive in the callback function.

request.unauthorizedThe auth header is not correct and, client id/secret key may be invlaid.
request.pendingThis event is returned for all on-site verifications until the verification is completed or timeout.
verification.acceptedVerification accepted callback
verification.declinedVerification declined callback
permission.deniedThis event is returned if the user did not give camera and other permissions to sdk.
request.timeoutThis will occur if request has timed-out
verification.cancelledThis callback is returned when verification is cancelled midway by the end user
request.receivedThis event states that the verification request has been received and is under processing
request.invalidThe request invalid event occurs when the parameters specified in the request payload are not in the correct format.
Internet Connection ErrorThis callback is returned in case of lost internet connectivity
Error OccuredThis callback is returned if some error occurs while processing request

You can check complete response of Shufti Pro from here