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Offsite Integration

In the offsite verification process Shufti Pro’s merchants are solely responsible for managing data collection and providing it to Shufti Pro to facilitate AML checks.

Parameters and Description

business_nameRequired: Yes
Type: string
Max: 255 Characters
This parameter receives the business name to run it against the AML list.
Example: Shufti Pro Ltd
business_incorporation_dateRequired: No
Type: string
Format: yyyy-mm-dd
This parameter receives the incorporation date of the business to run it against the AML list.
Example: 2016-01-01
ongoingRequired: No
Accepted values: 0, 1
Default: 0
This Parameter is used for Ongoing AML Screening, and is allowed only on Production Accounts. If Shufti Pro detects a change in AML statuses, then we will send you a webhook with event verification.status.changed. The new AML status can be checked using get status endpoint, or from the back-office.
filtersRequired: No
Type: Array
Default: ["sanction", "warning", "fitness-probity", "pep", "pep-class-1", "pep-class-2", "pep-class-3", "pep-class-4", "adverse-media-financial-crime", "adverse-media-violent-crime", "adverse-media-sexual-crime", "adverse-media-terrorism", "adverse-media-narcotics", "adverse-media"]

This key includes specific filter types, namely, alert or warning, that are linked to the AML search. Use these filters within the search to refine and narrow down the results.

Request Payloads

Run in Postman


//POST / HTTP/1.1 basic auth
//Content-Type: application/json
//Authorization: Basic NmI4NmIyNzNmZjM0ZmNlMTlkNmI4WJRTUxINTJHUw==

"aml_for_businesses": {
"business_name": "Shufti Pro Ltd",
"business_incorporation_date": "2016-01-01",
"ongoing": "1",
"filters": ["sanction", "fitness-probity", "warning", "pep"]