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How It Works?

AI-powered biometric technology that identifies individuals by comparing and analyzing end user facial features. Implement Shufti Pro's liveness verification solution to confirm the presence of an actual person in front of the camera. This solution performs a comprehensive 3D depth analysis of the end user's facial features, effectively identifying potential risks such as face mask attacks, deep fakes, AI-generated face images, static face images, and other similar threats. This ensures enhanced security and authenticity in end user verification processes. Shufti Pro’s facial biometric verification can be used independently or with other KYC services according to client requirements.

The end user aligns their face in front of the device's camera, following prompts to perform subtle facial gestures and movements as instructed. These actions are crucial for completing the verification process, ensuring that the user's identity is accurately confirmed through real-time biometric analysis.

Steps for simple Face verification

  • User initiates verification by facing the camera for real-time liveness confirmation.
  • System auto-captures the best frame for optimal biometric analysis.
  • Verification concludes, ensuring secure and accurate identity confirmation.



Facial biometric service can also be used with document verification to match the face of an end user with the face image on the document.

Steps for Face verification with Document

  1. The end user captures or uploads a photo of their ID document, which prominently features their facial image.
  2. End user provides a live selfie through their device for real-time liveness confirmation.
  3. Shufti Pro matches the user's live selfie with the image on the ID document for biometric analysis.
  4. Verification concludes, ensuring secure and accurate identity confirmation of the end user.


Duplicate Account Detection:

Shufti Pro offers a robust Duplicate Account Detection feature designed to identify and prevent multiple registrations from the same account. This advanced functionality is instrumental in verifying the identity of new users while acting as a deterrent against fraud.


Parameter for Duplicate Account Detection

Check_duplicate_requestRequired: No
Type: string
Accepted value: 0 & 1
Default value: 0
This parameter is used to enable the duplicate account detection service. Face mapping technology identify duplicate faces across all customers through which duplicate accounts are detected. The duplicate account detection will be disabled if the value is 0 and enabled if the value is 1.
"face" : {
"proof" : "",
"allow_offline" : "1",
"allow_online" : "1",
"verification_mode": "any",
"check_duplicate_request" : "1"

Verification Data Parameters

The following parameters are verified in the case of verification accepted or declined

duplicate_account_detectedThis key object contains information about the duplication status. It can be either 1 (duplication detected), 0 (no duplication), or null (invalid picture).