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Declined Reasons

When a verification request involving Facial Biometrics service is declined, the following reasons are presented to the end user or client.

Status CodeDescription
SPDR01Face could not be verified
SPDR03Image is altered or photoshopped
SPDR04Copy of the image found on web
SPDR19Face could not be detected in image, please upload image again with your face clearly visible
SPDR37Face liveness detection failed
SPDR40The answer to the question is incorrect
SPDR43Camera is not accessible for verification
SPDR58Face in the image is with wearing glasses
SPDR59Face proof is taken from another screen
SPDR60Face proof is taken from internet
SPDR61More than one face in one image
SPDR62Face proof is a screenshot
SPDR96Face is not visible due to low lighting
SPDR97Face image is blurry
SPDR98Face image is cropped or edited
SPDR99Face is not found on the document
SPDR101Face is hidden on the document
SPDR109Uploaded image is found on the internet
SPDR144Hat or mask is found on the face
SPDR168Face is not detected in the uploaded image
SPDR218Face proof is edited using filters
SPDR219The uploaded face picture is blur and not clearly visible.
SPDR230The uploaded face picture does not match the face photo on the provided document.
SPDR231The face picture on the provided document is not clearly visible.
SPDR233Face proof has a solid color in the background
SPDR241The verification process was canceled by the user.
SPDR249Front or backside proof is not provided.
SPDR251Document front proof is not provided.
SPDR252Proof and additional proof are of same side of the document
SPDR261MRZ Number on the document does not match
SPDR262Data is hidden on the provided document
SPDR263Uploaded image of the document is pixelated
SPDR264Face image is not present on the document.
SPDR265Invalid cpf number provided
SPDR268The provided image is corrupted
SPDR274End user did not submit complete verification proofs or data
SPDR276The user does not want to share camera or documents
SPDR277Closed eyes are detected
SPDR278Face proof is altered or photoshopped
SPDR279Face proof is blur and not clear for verification
SPDR280Eyes not visible and are covered with glasses
SPDR281Multiple faces detected in face proof
SPDR282Uploaded document is a test ID
SPDR283Face could not be detected
SPDR284The complete verification data was not provided by the user
SPDR287Duplicate account is detected
SPDR291Entire Face is not clear in the provided face proof