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Declined Reasons

When a verification request involving Address Verification & Validation is declined, the following reasons are presented to the end user or client.

Status CodeDescription
SPDR02Image of the face not found on the document
SPDR03Image is altered or photoshopped
SPDR04Copy of the image found on web
SPDR06Document originality could not be verified
SPDR13Document doesn't match the provided options
SPDR14Age could not be verified
SPDR21Proof and Additional Proof are of different documents
SPDR22Name on the Address Document doesn't match
SPDR23Address did not match the record, please provide a document with valid address.
SPDR24Document type is different from the provided options
SPDR25Country on the address document could not be verified
SPDR26Addresses on the Identity Document and Utility Bill do not match
SPDR27The address document is expired, please upload a document which is not expired
SPDR28The uploaded image of the document is blur, please provide a clear photo of address document
SPDR30Issue date on the address document doesn't match
SPDR31Address proof and document proof are of different persons
SPDR42Front and backside images of the document did not match, please upload images of the same document
SPDR43Camera is not accessible for verification
SPDR46Same ID Document can not be submitted as proof of address
SPDR47Document proof is a screenshot
SPDR48Document proof is altered/edited
SPDR49Document proof is paper based which is not accepted
SPDR50Document proof is punched/broken
SPDR51Document proof is from another screen
SPDR53Document proof is not fully displayed.
SPDR54Document is blur
SPDR55Information on the document proof is not visible
SPDR56Information on the document is edited
SPDR57Information on the document is hidden
SPDR65Address proof and document proof does not match
SPDR66Both documents should belong to the same person
SPDR67Document should be from the provided country
SPDR68Issue date does not match with the provided one
SPDR70Submitted document is expired
SPDR71Issue date on the document is not clearly visible
SPDR75Name on the document does not match with the provided one
SPDR76Name on the document is not clearly visible
SPDR80Address on the document does not match with the provided one
SPDR81Address provided is invalid
SPDR82Address on the document is not clearly visible
SPDR83Address is not present on the provided document
SPDR88Uploaded document is Black and White
SPDR89Uploaded image of the document is edited or cropped
SPDR90Uploaded image is found on the internet
SPDR91Document is laminated
SPDR92Document is scanned or colored copy
SPDR93Document is paper-based or laminated
SPDR94Uploaded document is a test card
SPDR103The uploaded document is not matched with the mentioned document type
SPDR107Uploaded document is a test card
SPDR111Uploaded document is expired
SPDR112Country on the address document could not verified
SPDR113The issuing country of document is not supported
SPDR120Information on the document is not readable
SPDR121Entire document is not visible
SPDR122Uploaded document of the image is blur
SPDR124The uploaded document doesn`t match with the mentioned document type
SPDR128Uploaded document is laminated
SPDR129Document might be broken, damaged, or punched
SPDR130Uploaded image of the document is a screenshot
SPDR131Document is captured from another device
SPDR133Document is paper based or laminated
SPDR134Uploaded image of the document is found on internet
SPDR135Uploaded image is a test card
SPDR136Uploaded document is black and white
SPDR137Document is not found in the uploaded image
SPDR142Issuing date of the document is not visible
SPDR146The address document and identity document don`t belong to the same person
SPDR250Address documents from Ontario are not allowed.
SPDR169Issue date of the uploaded document doesn`t match the record
SPDR173Name on the address document doesn`t match the record
SPDR190The provided document is broken
SPDR193The provided document is photocopy(color or black & white)
SPDR194The provided document is edited.
SPDR197The provided document is scanned
SPDR200The provided document is punched
SPDR201The provided document is cracked
SPDR202The provided document is cropped
SPDR203The provided document is handwritten
SPDR215The uploaded document is inverted or in mirror view.
SPDR216The uploaded document is broken with affected data.
SPDR225The proof has been uploaded and not captured in real time.
SPDR241The verification process was canceled by the user.
SPDR268The provided image is corrupted
SPDR269The address did not match the record
SPDR274End user did not submit complete verification proofs or data
SPDR275Face could not be detected OR same side of the document is provided
SPDR276The user does not want to share camera or documents
SPDR284The complete verification data was not provided by the user
SPDR285Document proofs do not belong to the same person
SPDR287Duplicate account is detected