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How it Works?


This documentation is for the Standard Version, encompassing foundational features. To access expanded capabilities, the latest advancements, and customisations tailored to your needs, we strongly recommend upgrading to the Enhanced Version, which also includes comprehensive technical support.

Standard KYB simplifies the verification process by requiring clients to provide essential company details such as the name, registration number, and jurisdiction code. Shufti Pro then conducts real-time verification using up-to-date databases. This streamlined approach ensures quick and accurate verification results, which clients can conveniently access and share from the dedicated report section in the back office.


  1. Request Initiation: Merchants of Shufti Pro begin by providing the company name, registration number, and jurisdiction code to initiate a Standard KYB request.
  2. Real-Time Verification: Shufti Pro conducts a comprehensive search using the provided information, using up-to-date databases from official business registries.
  3. Report Generation: Upon completion of verification, Shufti Pro compiles a standard report containing registration data, jurisdiction code, contact information, address details, and company officers' information.
  4. Download Report: Merchants have the flexibility to easily review, download, and share the report from the designated section in the back office.

Review Verification Results

To review the verification outcomes, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to BackOffice > Reports section.
  2. Open the desired report.
  3. The report may include the following information:
    • Company Name
    • Company Number
    • Company Type
    • Company Jurisdiction Code
    • Company Address
    • Registry URL
    • Status
    • Company Officers
    • Industry Codes

Please note that the Standard KYB Service is exclusively available for Offsite mode only.