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Onsite Verification Mode

The Onsite verification process by Shufti Pro offers an intuitive and direct interaction for end users through the sophisticated iFrame/Verify component. This user-centric approach enables individuals to seamlessly submit the required verification proofs, such as ID, Address Documents etc, while receiving real-time guidance to navigate the verification process effortlessly. Upon completion, the verification results are made readily available to clients through the comprehensive Backoffice portal or can be conveniently delivered via an API response, providing flexible and efficient access to vital information.


In onsite verification, Shufti Pro customers will make an API call, and will receive a verification URL in the response. The end-users will be redirected to the URL and Shufti Pro’s AI technology will perform verification, interacting directly with the end-users.

Here are the reasons why you should opt for onsite verification:

  • A well-researched and enhanced UI/UX, designed for end users to successfully complete the verification process on their first attempt.
  • Real-time instructions guide users, ensuring high conversion rates.
  • An auto-capture feature that ensures optimal proof images are taken.
  • Real-time feedback and a retry option that effectively turns failed verifications due to human error into successful ones.

Onsite With OCR

In this automated process, Shufti Pro extracts and verifies all the required information parameters (e.g. First Name, Last Name, Document Number, DOB etc..) from the end user's document proof, minimizing human errors and typographical mistakes, thereby enhancing the conversion rate.

In the verification request, Merchant specifies the keys for the parameters to be verified. Shufti Pro collects the image or video proofs from end-users and extracts the required information from the provided document. All the OCR extracted data will be shown in the verification form, through which the user can cross check all the extracted information. This reduces the manual work for the end-user.

OCR is offered on the following services: (Document and Address) but Shufti Pro customers can also avail other non-OCR services such as Face & Phone Verification along with these OCR services.


Onsite Without OCR

In the 'Onsite without OCR' verification mode, the service involves a manual process where end users actively participate by providing essential data such as First Name, Last Name, Document Number, Date of Birth, etc. This data is then compared with the information in the uploaded proof documents. This approach emphasizes user involvement in the data entry process, integral to the service's verification methodology.

In the verification process without OCR functionality, the merchant specifies the keys for the parameters that need verification. Instead of automatically extracting information from documents, Shufti Pro requires end-users to manually input their data, such as personal details and document information, to match with their provided image or video proofs. This manual data entry is essential for the verification, allowing users to ensure accuracy by directly inputting and verifying their information, thereby maintaining the integrity of the verification process without relying on OCR.


Shufti Pro offers following services in On-site verification: (Face, Document, Document Two, Address, Consent, Phone, Email Verification, Background Checks and Enhance Due Diligence)