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How It Works?

Verify the legitimacy of the end user's phone number by employing a OTP (One-Time Password) verification process combined with rigorous fraud detection checks for validation to deliver a seamless and trustworthy phone verification for all your business needs.

Shufti Pro ensures the accuracy and legitimacy of the end user's phone number through a comprehensive two-stage process.


Verification via OTP

Initially, the end user's phone number is verified through the dispatch and subsequent submission of a One-Time Password (OTP). This step ensures that the phone number provided is active and accessible by the user.

Merchants can select their preferred method for generating the one-time password used in the verification process:

  • Auto-Code Generator:
    Shufti Pro's 2FA engine auto-generates a random verification code for the end-user.

  • Personalised Code:
    Clients can provide a predetermined code of their choice in the app.


Phone Verification process works as follow:

  1. End user provides the phone number.
  2. An OTP is sent to the end user-provided phone number.
  3. It is required to type the received OTP in the given input fields.
  4. If the end user did not receive a code they can request it again by clicking on the “Receive Code” button.
  5. Different checks are performed on the end user’s phone number and a decision is made to accept or decline the verification request.

Verification is declined if a user enters the wrong code consecutively for five times.

Fraud Prevention Validation

Following successful OTP verification, the phone number undergoes a rigorous validation process using pre-established fraud prevention rules. This phase is designed to detect any fraudulent activity or irregularities associated with the phone number, enhancing the overall security and integrity of the verification process.

Fraud Prevention validation includes the following rules:

  • Disposable Phone: Identifies if the phone number is from a temporary or disposable service.
  • Invalid/Impossible Number: Verifies if the phone number is structurally valid and possible.
  • No Online Profiles: Checks for the absence of associated online profiles with the phone number.
  • Suspicious/Bogus Phone: Flags phone numbers that exhibit signs of being fraudulent or inauthentic.