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Onsite Integration

In onsite verification, Shufti Pro will directly interact with the end user to collect the required proofs for verification.

Parameters and Description

proofRequired: No
Type: string
Image Format: JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF Maximum: 16MB
Video Format: MP4/MOV Maximum: 20MB
Provide valid BASE64 encoded string. Leave empty for an on-site verification.
allow_offlineRequired: No
Type: string
Accepted Values: 0, 1
Default Value: 1
This parameter allows the user to upload their selfie in case of non-availability of a functional webcam. If the value is 0, users can only perform Face Verification with the camera only.
allow_onlineRequired: No
Type: string
Accepted Values: 0, 1
Default-Value: 1
This parameter allows the users to take their selfie in real-time when the internet is available. If the value: 0 users can upload already captured selfie.

Note: if allow_offline: 0 priority will be given to allow_offline.
check_duplicate_requestRequired: No
Type: string
Accepted Values: 0, 1
Default-Value: 0
This parameter is used to enable the duplicate account detection service. Face mapping technology identifies duplicate faces across all customers through which duplicate accounts are detected. The duplicate account detection will be disabled if the value is 0 and enabled if the value is 1.
verification_modeRequired: No
Type: string
Accepted Values: any, image_only, video_only
This key specifies the types of proofs that can be used for verification. In the "video_only" mode, Shufti Pro's client is restricted to submitting "Base64" encoded videos, which must be in the MP4 or MOV format. The "any" mode allows a combination of images and videos to be submitted as proofs for verification. If there is a conflict between the service level key and the general level key, priority is assigned to the service level key.

Run in Postman

"face": {
"proof": "",
"allow_offline": "1",
"allow_online": "1",
"verification_mode": "any",
"check_duplicate_request": "1"