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Onsite Integration

In onsite verification, Shufti Pro will directly interact with the end user to collect the required proofs for verification purposes.

Parameters and Descriptions

To use the Due Diligence Form service and ask the end-users to fill in the questionnaire, clients need to send an API Request to the server with the following parameters.


The Due Diligence Form service is available for Onsite only and before passing the questionnaire object in the API, please make sure that you have copied the correct UUID from the Questionnaire Section listed in Products Section and the questionnaire must be active as well.

uuidRequired: Yes
Type: array
Example 1: ["example_uuid_1"]
Example 2: ["example_uuid_1","example_uuid_2"]
The UUID parameter is an array that takes one or multiple UUIDs (max five) in the array to execute the enhance due diligence service for your end users.
questionnaire_typeRequired: No
Type: string
Accepted Values: pre_kyc, post_kyc
Default-Value: pre_kyc
The questionnaire type parameters tell whether you want to execute the questionnaire for your end-users before KYC ("pre_kyc") or after KYC ("post_kyc").

Run in Postman

"questionnaire": {
"questionnaire_type": "pre_kyc",
"uuid": [