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How It Works?

Shufti Pro enables organizations to gather live image consent from users, confirming their real presence and safeguarding against bot activity.This service can authenticate a variety of documents, including company documents, employee cards, or any other personalized notes. Moreover, Shufti Pro offers facial recognition functionality, analyzing live proof of the face for enhanced security.

  1. The merchant submits the text for verification.
  2. The end user writes or prints the provided text on paper.
  3. The user then presents this consent paper, with or without their face, as per the merchants requirements.
  4. Shufti Pro verifies the text provided by the user along with live facial proof for authentication.


Supported Types

Users have the option to select either a handwritten or printed document format for verification within this module. However, it's important to note that only one form of document can be verified at a time. Checkout all supported documents type for consent here.


The merchant must provide the text that requires verification. Shufti Pro then verifies if this matches the text provided by the end user.

Verification Data Parameters

The following parameters are verified in the case of verification accepted or declined

textThis key contains consent text written on the proof presented by the user.
selected_typeThis key contains the document proof selected by the user such as driving licence, passport or a government-issued ID, etc.
supported_typesThis key contains all types of supported documents.