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Revision History

03 May 2024A new parameter validate_email is introduced in the integration of Email Multi-Factor Authentication service.
03 May 2024A new parameter validate_phone is introduced in the integration of Phone Multi-Factor Authentication service.
26 Apr 2024A new parameter process_only_ocr is introduced in the Offsite and Onsite integration of document service.
26 Apr 2024A new event is added in the Response Events.
19 Feb 2024Enhanced routing and segregated the individual and business service sections.
07 Feb 2024Enhanced the content and formatting of the Know Your Customer (KYC) section.
28 Nov 2023Updated supported countries for enhanced Address verification.
26 Nov 2023Updated declined_codes for all services.
09 Oct 2023New Service Added Email Verification Service.
25 Sep 2023Improved Address verification service as address verification v2.
14 Sep 2023Updated request Access Token expiry time from 10 minutes to 1 hour.
11 Sep 2023Added Frontend Response.
Updated Instructions Parameters default values.
28 Aug 2023Added Name Fuzzy & Exact Match Cases.
17 Aug 2023Made Background Checks service offsite when a name key is missing in the Background Checks service but present in the Document service.
24 Jul 2023Added a new parameter filters in Background Checks service.
19 Jul 2023Added verification_report url in the status response.
29 May 2023Deprecated show_consent and show_privacy_policy parameters from request object.
17 Apr 2023Added verification_mode key in service level in face, document, document_two, address and consent service.
07 Apr 2023Enabled access of proof using POST method.
16 Mar 2023Modified response signature for the clients onboarded after 15 Mar 2023.
16 Mar 2023Added new instruction parameters in document, document_two and address service.
09 Mar 2023Revised the developer documentation design and relocate it to a new URL.
02 Mar 2023Updated proof accessing urls in status endpoint.
01 Mar 2023Added Java sample codes.
13 Jan 2023Added new Parameter enhanced_originality_checks in verification request.
25 Oct 2022Introduced new service Enhance Due Diligence.
14 Sep 2022Added new Parameter check_duplicate_request inside face service in verification request.
02 Nov 2021Added new Parameter manual_review in verification request.
21 Oct 2021Added new Parameter show_ocr_form in document, document_two and address service.
18 Oct 2021Introduced new service Age Verification.
13 Oct 2021Added New Supported types property_tax, lease_agreement, insurance_card, credit_card_statement, insurance_policy, e_commerce_receipt, bank_letter_receipt, birth_certificate, salary_slip, permanent_residence_permit and any for Address service. To view all the supported types of addresses, click here.
28 Sep 2021Added New Parameter in verification_instructions object for document, document_two and address service.
24 Sep 2021Added declined_codes in Background Checks.
13 July 2021Updated PHP sample codes.
29 Mar 2021Added new key face_match_confidence under the verification_data object in verification response.
24 Mar 2021Added new endpoint to get all verification decline reasons.
01 Jan 2021Introduced new type Others in Gender.
20 Nov 2020Added New key services_declined_codes in Verification Response.
04 Nov 2020Updated declined reasons.
04 Nov 2020Added New Parameter verification_instructions in document, document_two and address service.
21 Sep 2020Added allow_retry in verification request.
18 Sep 2020Added allow_na_ocr_inputs in verification request.
08 Sep 2020Added ttl in verification request.
20 Jul 2020consent service sample object and test IDs are updated.
14 Jul 2020callback_url parameter made optional.
16 June 2020Added New Supported type cpr_smart_card_reader_copy for Address service. To view all the supported types of address, click here.
11 June 2020Added decline_on_single_step in verification request.
10 June 2020Added gender key for document and document_two service.
19 May 2020Added subscription plan details to account info Response.
08 May 2020Added Country Key to Status Responses.
07 Apr 2020Added backside_proof_required parameter in document, document_two and address service.
27 Mar 2020Updated API URLs.
26 Mar 2020Added Api Flow Charts.
04 Mar 2020Temporary access token introduced.
31 Dec 2019Added allow_online in verification request in all KYC Services.
24 Dec 2019Added fetch_enhanced_data key from Enhanced data extraction for document and document_two service.
24 Dec 2019Removed allowed_offline key from address service request object.
24 Dec 2019Updated declined reasons.
25 Nov 2019Added verification_video in status response end-point, inside proof key. Returned only if on-site video is recorded.
25 Nov 2019Added KYC Request Instructions for onsite and offsite verification
18 Nov 2019HTTP status code updated.
14 Nov 2019Request status response sample updated.
10 Oct 2019Updated Onsite verification javascript code.
09 Oct 2019Added the show_feedback_form in verification request.
24 Sep 2019Added declined_codes in verification response, for all accounts.
09 Sep 2019Added declined_codes in verification response.
09 Sep 2019Declined reasons description updated and added status code for each reason.
27 Aug 2019Added full_name key to name object.
20 Jul 2019Updated declined reasons.
20 Jul 2019Added request time out time (ttl).
15 Jul 2019Added info object key in responses in API documentation.
04 Jul 2019Added declined reasons for document, document two and address services.
02 Jul 2019Added Rate Limiting for requests.
12 June 2019Added Document Two Service for verification.
24 May 2019Updated declined reasons.
22 May 2019Added with_face key in consent service.
03 May 2019Added declined reasons for verification Request.
16 Apr 2019Added Fuzzy match in Background checks.
09 Apr 2019Added a new endpoint /account/info/ to get account info.
05 Apr 2019country key updated.
11 Mar 20191. Added new params verification_data, verification_result and declined_reason in verification status endpoint.
2. Added a new event request.received
07 Mar 2019Added issue_date key in address service request parameters.
20 Feb 2019Added selected_type key in document, address, consent service and webhook/callback response.
19 Feb 20191. Added show_consent and show_privacy_policy parameters in verification request.
2. Added address_fuzzy_match parameter in address service.
3. Added allow_offline parameter in face, document, address and consent services.
18 Feb 2019Signature key added into SP HTTP, Callback headers for signature validation.
28 Jan 20191. Added a new endpoint /delete to delete a request data.
2. Added a new event request.deleted which is returned whenever a request is deleted.
3. Status response now returns proofs also.
4. Added show_results key in request which allows end-users to see verification results.
24 Jan 2019Added a new callback with event verification.status.changed. It is sent to clients whenever a verification status is updated.
21 Dec 2018Corrected the get status request url.
20 Dec 2018Corrected verification.cancelled event name from events listing.
06 Dec 2018Minimum characters limit is set to 1 for first, middle and last name.
29 Nov 2018Updated POSTMAN collection link, removed format key and added supported_types key for consent service in POSTMAN collection.
26 Nov 2018Added allow_offline key in request parameters.
29 Oct 2018Allowed PDF documents as proofs in image_only and any verification modes.
29 Oct 2018Changed format key to Supported_types in consent Service.
22 Oct 2018Added declined reasons key in response.
17 Oct 2018Updated Test IDs for demo/test verifications.
09 Oct 20181. Last Name field made optional in all name objects.
2. Added signature in response headers to validate the source of responses.