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Verification Types

Shufti Pro’s API supports two verification types, i.e. on-site and off-site.

Onsite Verification

On-site verification means that Shufti Pro will be interacting directly with end-user and will be responsible for data collection in order to perform Identity verification. Shufti Pro customer will only be notified about the verification status via Shufti Pro Back Office.


In onsite verification, Shufti Pro customers will make an API call, and will receive a verification URL in the response. The end-users will be redirected to the URL and Shufti Pro’s AI technology will perform verification, interacting directly with the end-users.

To read full API Documentation about Onsite Verification, click here

Offsite Verification

Offsite Verification means that Shufti Pro will not be interacting with end-user and Shufti Pro customer will be responsible to collect and provide verification data. Shufti Pro Customer will provide us with the proofs (images/videos) to complete user verification.


In offsite verification, Shufti Pro doesn't interact with the end-user to perform verification. Shufti Pro's customers will collect the proofs from their end-users and provide them in Base 64 format in the API parameters. Shufti Pro's AI will perform the verification and provide the results in the response back to the customers.

To read full API Documentation about Offsite Verification, click here