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Integration Guide

There is a method to seamlessly integrate Shufti Pro into any website by generating a custom code using Shufti Pro's API.

Code Generator

The Shufti Pro API offers a publicly accessible endpoint that generates sample code for all its services, providing merchants and end-users with the necessary tools to integrate the platform. This sample code can be generated for any allowed service, making it a valuable resource for those looking to incorporate Shufti Pro into their operations.

  • This endpoint has been developed within the Shufti Pro back-office environment, where code generation is facilitated through the selection of various options available on the website. These options include specifying whether the request is onsite or offsite, indicating whether OCR processing is required, and selecting the appropriate verification mode.

  • The generated code is available in multiple programming languages, such as Python, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript. These codes can be used to facilitate the integration of Shufti Pro API requests in the respective programming languages.

  • The Client Backoffice also provides an Auto Code Generator option, which can be accessed by clicking on the Integration Guide menu. This feature enables users to automatically generate code for their desired integration. To generate a sample code for integration, click here.


To integrate Shufti Pro's Document Service into your Laravel project, generate the sample code for the Document Service from the Shufti Pro website. Create a method in your controller, add the code, set up a route, and run your project. With proper error handling, you will now have successfully integrated Shufti Pro's Document Service into your project.


Make sure to replace the client_id and secret_key in the variables in generated code.