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Revision History

16 Mar 2023Modified response signature for the clients onboarded after 15 Mar 2023
09 Mar 2023Revised the developer documentation design and relocate it to a new URL.
02 Mar 2023Updated proof accessing urls in status endpoint.
01 Mar 2023Added Java sample codes.
13 July 2021Updated php sample codes.
14 Jul 2020callback_url parameter made optional.
19 May 2020Added subscription plan details to account info Response.
08 May 2020Added Country Key to Status Responses.
27 Mar 2020Updated API URLs.
26 Mar 2020Added Api Flow Charts.
04 Mar 2020Temporary access token introduced.
18 Nov 2019HTTP status code updated.
14 Nov 2019Request status response sample updated.
11 Nov 2019updated KYB request response
31 Oct 2019Introduced new service Know Your business (KYB).
10 Oct 2019Updated Onsite verification javascript code.
15 Jul 2019Added info object key in responses in API documentation.
02 Jul 2019Added Rate Limiting for requests.
09 Apr 2019Added a new endpoint /account/info/ to get account info.
05 Apr 2019country key updated.
18 Feb 2019Signature key added into SP Http, Callback headers for signature validation.
28 Jan 20191. Added a new endpoint /delete to delete a request data.
2. Added a new event request.deleted which is returned whenever a request is deleted.
24 Jan 2019Added a new callback with event verification.status.changed. It is sent to clients whenever a verification status is updated.
21 Dec 2018Corrected the get status request url.
09 Oct 2018Added signature in response headers to validate the source of responses.