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Client/MerchantThe entity or individual utilizing Shufti Pro's services for identity verification. Typically, the one integrating and initiating verification processes on their platform.
End UserThe individual whose identity is being verified through Shufti Pro's services or also referred to as Client’s/Merchant’s customer.
Verify/IframeShufti Pro’s verification component/interface enabling end users to securely provide information for the identity verification process. Client can also customize iframe according to their branding by using iframe customization).
Test ID SampleTest IDs are samples that can be utilized for various services during the testing or integration process on a trial account. These assist technical teams in testing requests, responses, callbacks, etc. using dummy documents. Shufti Pro provides sample ID documents, face images, consent documents, and sample address documents for testing verifications.
PII DataPersonally Identifiable Information refers to information that can be used to identify an individual, including details like name, date of birth, or address. Shufti Pro provides clients with control over the visibility of end users' PII Data.
ProofThe identity documents or face image uploaded/captured by the end user for verification.
Meta Data InconsistencyIt refers to any change or discrepancy in the metadata of an end user's provided proofs (e.g., change in image creation date, edited recently can be detected with this.)
Back officeThe user interface where clients manage their Shufti Pro account, view reports, configure verification settings, and perform verifications.
Fuzzy MatchIt allows accommodating variations in data, enabling flexible comparisons during the verification process.