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Onsite Verification

With On-site verification, Shufti Pro directly interacts with the end-user, managing data collection to facilitate identity verification. Verification status updates are exclusively communicated to the Shufti Pro customer via the dedicated Shufti Pro Back Office.


In onsite verification, Shufti Pro customers will make an API call, and will receive a verification URL in the response. The end-users will be redirected to the URL and Shufti Pro’s AI technology will perform verification, interacting directly with the end-users.

Given below is the flow for eIDV verification for onsite customers.


Calling an eIDV API

Clients need to send an API Request to the server with the parameters mentioned below.

eKYCRequired: No
Type: array
eIDV/eKYC refers to the process of verifying the identity of an individual or business electronically. The eIDV is commonly used by businesses and institutions to comply with regulations requiring them to verify the identity of their customers.

Verification Request

"ekyc": {}

If no country is selected during the verification request generation process, the user will be prompted with the eIDV supported countries screen to proceed accordingly.