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Declined Reasons

This end-point returns verification decline reasons with their status codes and descriptions.

Run in Postman

//GET /decline/reasons/ HTTP/1.1
//Content-Type: application/json
//Authorization: Basic NmI4NmIyNzNmZjM0ZmNlMTlkNmI4WJRTUxINTJHUw==
// replace "Basic" with "Bearer in case of Access Token"

"decline_reasons": [
"status_code": "SPDR241",
"description": "The user canceled verification during the identity verification process"
"status_code": "SPDR266",
"description": "User is not successfully verified"

eIDV Status Codes

Status CodeDescription
SPDR241The verification process was canceled by the user.
SPDR242Request was canceled as a result of a new verification request being received for the user.
SPDR243The Verification was interrupted due to connectivity issues.
SPDR244User attempted to use an incompatible version of BankID.
SPDR245The BankID app could not be found on the user device or Failed to scan the QR code.
SPDR246The BankID request has been declined due to request timeout.
SPDR247The service is temporarily unavailable.
SPDR266User not found in the database.