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Shufti Pro Biometric SDK authenticates users with Facial Authentication. The SDK uses two different security tokens to handle requests. It collects image/video proofs, and processes and saves them for future authentication. It generates different responses according to the nature of request.

The services utilized in biometric authentication include:

  1. Face Service
  2. Document Service
  3. Phone Service
  4. Question Service

This document explains various end-points, how they are provided, and the kind of data required from clients to perform authentication successfully.


Biometric SDK provides authorization to clients with Basic Auth header. Your Client ID will serve as Client ID and the Secret Key will serve as Client Secret Key. The API requires this header for every request.

usernameYesEnter Client ID
passwordYesEnter Client Secret Key

To obtain the client_id and secret_key, please navigate to the settings page in your backoffice.



If you misplace the secret key, it is necessary to generate a new key from the back office. Ensure that you save the secret key when generating a new one. The generated key will not be displayed in the back office.