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Onsite Integration

In onsite verification, Shufti Pro will directly interact with the end user to collect the required proofs for verification purposes.

Parameters and Description

proofRequired: No
Type: string
Image Format: JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF Maximum: 16MB
Video Format: MP4/MOV Maximum: 20MB
supported_typesRequired: No
Type: Array
Text provided in the consent verification can be verified by handwritten documents or printed documents. Supported types are listed here
Example 1 ["printed"]
Example 2 ["printed", "handwritten"]
textRequired: Yes
Type: string
Minimum: 2 characters
Maximum: 100 characters
Provide text in the string format which will be verified from a given proof.
Note: Text whose presence on the note/customized document is to be verified.
allow_offlineRequired: No
Type: string
Accepted Values: 0, 1
Default Value: 1
This parameter allows user to upload their Consent Document (Handwritten Note/printed document) in case of non-availability of a functional webcam. If value is 0, users can only perform Consent Verification with the camera only.
allow_onlineRequired: No
Type: string
Accepted Values: 0, 1
Default-Value: 1
This parameter allows users to capture their Consent in real-time when internet is available. If value: 0 users can upload already captured Consent.

Note: if allow_offline: 0 priority will be given to allow_offline
with_faceRequired: No
Type: string
Accepted Values: 0, 1
Default Value: 1
This parameter is applicable if supported_type is handwritten and default value is 1. If value of with_face is 1 then hand written note will be accepted only with face which means your customer must need to show his/her face along with the consent on a paper. If value of with_face is 0 then hand written note is accepted with or without face.
verification_modeRequired: No
Type: string
Accepted Values: any, image_only, video_only
This key specifies the types of proofs that can be used for verification. In the "video_only" mode, Shufti Pro's client is restricted to submitting "Base64" encoded videos, which must be in the MP4 or MOV format. The "any" mode allows a combination of images and videos to be submitted as proofs for verification. If there is a conflict between the service level key and the general level key, priority is assigned to the service level key.

Run in Postman

"consent": {
"proof": "",
"supported_types": ["printed"],
"text": "",
"allow_offline": "1",
"allow_online": "1",
"verification_mode": "any"