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Declined Reasons

When a verification request involving Consent Verification is declined, the following reasons are presented to the end user or client.

Status CodeDescription
SPDR02Image of the face not found on the document
SPDR03Image is altered or photoshopped
SPDR04Copy of the image found on web
SPDR32Consent note information is not correct, please upload a note with valid information
SPDR33Consent type is different from provided options
SPDR43Camera is not accessible for verification
SPDR106Consent note should be handwritten
SPDR108Face is not found with the consent note
SPDR110Consent note should be a printed document
SPDR241The verification process was canceled by the user.
SPDR253The uploaded consent is inverted or in mirror view
SPDR254Consent note is not visible
SPDR255Data on the consent note does not match
SPDR256Face image not present with the Consent
SPDR257Consent proof is a screenshot
SPDR258Consent proof is altered/edited
SPDR259The provided face image is edited
SPDR260Consent proof is from another screen
SPDR274End user did not submit complete verification proofs or data
SPDR276The user does not want to share camera or documents
SPDR288Consent face does not match with the selfie
SPDR289Consent face does not match with the face on the document
SPDR290Entire Face is not visible with consent note
SPDR292Consent Note is not detected in the provided image