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The Risk Assessment feature helps merchants configure the risk level for each of their users to make decisions based on the calculated risk score.

Merchants can create customisable questionnaires and fraud prevention data points to devise a plan for calculating the risk level for each user. This Risk Assessment feature is independent of the Shufti Pro product and covers the KYC - Identification Verification service, which can be configured when customising the user journey.

This document's objective is a guide on how to create a Risk Assessment service using the client's back office. It can then be used in the background during the KYC process.

After logging in to the client’s back office, you will find a Risk Assessment link under the products section. After creating the Risk Assessment, you can send the unique reference to initiate the customised verification journey for your clients.

Getting Started

Before getting started, make sure you have the following:

  1. Shufti Pro Account. This is your individual user account to access the Shufti Pro’s REST API and back-office. To set up your Shufti Pro account, click here.
  1. API Keys. Shufti Pro API uses API keys to authenticate requests. You can view your API keys in the settings of your back-office. To get your API keys, click here.