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Offsite Verification

Offsite Verification means Shufti Pro doesn't interact directly with the end-user. The task of collecting and providing verification data lies with the Shufti Pro customer. In this process, the client shares customer data with Shufti Pro, which then employs diverse data sources to verify the information.

Calling an eIDV API

Clients need to send an API Request to the server with the parameters mentioned below.

eKYCRequired: No
Type: array
eKYC is parameter to perform eKYC/eIDV verification. it refers to the process of verifying the identity of an individual or business electronically. The eIDV is commonly used by businesses and institutions to comply with regulations requiring them to verify the identity of their customers.
Service DataRequired: No
Type: array
Service data refers to the user's data that client will provide to perform user's verification electronically.
fuzzy_matchRequired: No
Type: boolean
This service key corresponds to a fuzzy match of the provided data for verification. The fuzzy match option is activated for specific countries. If this option is set to false, only exactly matching data will be accepted; otherwise, both exactly matching and fuzzily matching data can be accepted. The "fuzzy_match" parameter can be included within the eKYC object.

Verification Request

"ekyc": {
"service_data": {
"key": "value",
"key": "value"